Chevron to start shale exploration in Romania, plans seismic testing in US

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“The exploration phase [in Romania] has a multi-year timeframe”

Chevron is planning to conduct a 2D geophysical study near the Black Sea as well as drill exploratory shale wells in Vaslui county in Romania, while in Pennsylvania it will be giving a presentation on seismic testing for Marcellus shale gas drilling to convince locals that it is safe.

Romania is estimated to hold 538 billion cubic metres of shale gas together with Bulgaria and Hungary.

According to spokeswoman Sally Jones, “The exploration phase has a multi-year timeframe. The results of the exploration stage will determine, in cooperation with the Romanian government, the commencement of any potential exploitation activities.”

Earlier this month, it was reported that Romania gave Chevron the rights for shale gas exploration in three perimeters along the Black Sea Coast, in addition to the exploration license for the Barlad block in North-eastern Romania.

In other Chevron news, the company will give a presentation at a public meeting on seismic testing that could pave the way for Marcellus shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania’s Fayette County. The presentation hopes to allay fears of the testing, which uses underground sound waves to map hydrocarbon areas that could be suitable for fracking and will include explosive charges.