2013 05 16 Guest Post Are Anti Fracking Activists Hypocritical

The most foolish of assumptions is that you already know how to do automated marketing. The concepts that are the basis for current marketing methodologies do not translate directly into the work of marketing automation. Marketing automation is just as much of a mind shift as it is a new technology, and throughout this book I show you how to think correctly about marketing automation and how to best execute programs to meet your goals.


For those of you who are beginners to the field of marketing, I encourage you to learn the basics and stay with low-level techniques for a while. Don’t try to run too fast without fully understanding how to walk. Also, realize that you most likely have lots of work ahead of you. I have, however, organized this book to make the workload as easy as possible to tackle. For those of you who are advanced marketers, make use of the information that’s appropriate for you and leave the rest.


Also, realize that an advanced technique for you may be a basic technique for someone else. It’s all about context, and I give you plenty of that in the book. Finally, if you have a marketing automation tool, you must read this book. I can’t tell you how many people have already tried working with marketing automation tools and still have no clue how to use them correctly. I see people still struggling to accomplish their basic goals a year after they’ve purchased their marketing automation tool, and I see people who are successful with their tool in very short order.