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The number-one mistake with CTAs is asking people to do something when you know they don’t want to do it. That’s an easy concept to grasp, but when you’re mass emailing to large numbers of people, realize that the majority of them don’t want to hear from you. In a nurturing campaign, a lot of them are not expecting to hear from you, either.


Learn to increase your engagement rates with CTAs by focusing only on prospects who you know would like what you are sending. The easiest way to do this is to match your CTA with your lead stages. Following the concept of matching your CTA and content to your stage will greatly help you increase your conversion rate on your nurturing emails. Putting hyperlinks in email signatures is very popular.


It’s a good practice for personal emails, but in mass emails or nurturing emails, these links can hurt your sending rates. Because I suggest sending short emails, be careful with the number of links you include in an email. Try to restrict yourself to one hyperlink for every few lines of text in your email. This ratio of text to hyperlinks helps ensure that your email does not appear “spammy” to spam filters.