2015 04 23 Half Of Us Fracking Firms Will Disappear In 2015 Says Weatherford Executive

There are many related and fundable problems that ultimately boil down and fit into these main categories. As an example, security enhancements may both lower costs and increase revenues. Faster computers may impact revenues and time to market, and so on. In very general terms, solutions that solve problems related to increasing revenues capture stronger investor interest. As you move further from revenue enhancement, however, investors will demand more validation.


Time-to-market and market-reach problems, for example, require much more substantiating data than revenue or cost-related problems. Not to say that other problems are not fundable—just be as objective as you can about your solution. Select your problem area carefully. It has to be something your target buyer experiences regularly and that you know your product can alleviate. And be careful: do not confuse problems with solutions. For example, “faster,” “better,” and “smaller” are solutions, not problems. For example, let’s say that you have a start-up medical diagnostic device company that is solving the problem of detecting early-stage diabetes.


The problem that you are solving is the detection of a disease that affects millions of people (big opportunity). Your solution offers faster, more accurate, and earlier detection than any other competitive product.