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Another area that you must highlight relates to the relationship of your solution to pertinent industry standards and platforms used by your target customers. As an example, if your customers are primarily using Microsoft-based computers and Android smartphones, you will fall flat if your solution only runs on Apple-based products. Investors will also be very nervous if they hear that your approach includes creating new standards that compete with existing standards.


The issue of standards and platforms is a dry topic, so don’t dwell on them excessively or on which specific standards you comply with. However, investors must feel that you are not about to waste their money or put their funds at greater risk by going off into some unchartered area. Use a simple statement, such as “Our solution is compliant with all industry standards used by our customers, and it is designed to simplify easy adoption.” As with other slides in this initial presentation, keep in mind that this is an overview slide. Volunteer to present a more complete technology summary and future road map during a follow-on meeting. There are a number of landmines that you must avoid stepping on when presenting the Technology slide.


Your opening comments need to stress that you are providing a high-level overview, and that more information is available and can be shared in a follow-up meeting.