Marijuana Stocks That Are Best for Your Portfolio

Marijuana Stocks That Are Best for Your Portfolio

Among other countries and states, Canada has already legalized the use of medical marijuana in 2001.

The legalization of medical marijuana in Canada only shows that the cannabis industry has developed excellently. Moreover, it means that the industries’ success is not hindered by restrictions of the state like the US. Having these restrictions, the medical use of marijuana is allowed in 33 states and in Washington DC. Further, the law known as the Cannabis Act or Bill C-45 was passed by the House of Common of Canada last November 2017 in order to allow the legalization of recreational use of pot.

This Act is generally contrasting to the US in which the potential legalization of cannabis is debatable. Yet, even if there are prevailing uncertainty, the investors could take there steps on the pot by investing in Canadian marijuana stocks as part of overcoming the challenge of opening or growing a new business. They are listed as major exchanges or as trade within the over-the-counter market. Majority of the stocks can be classified as penny stocks which carry a relevantly greater risk component.

Top Companies of the Canadian Marijuana Stocks

Here are the top 8 Canadian marijuana stocks for your portfolio:

1. Canopy Group Corporation
2. Aurora Cannabis
3. Aphria Inc.
4. The Cronos Group
5. The Hexo Corporation
6. CannTrust Holdings Inc.
7. Namaste Technologies Inc.
8. Organigram Holdings

However, we will just give you a sneak peak of their market capital and a brief description of each companies.

Canopy Group Corporation (CGC)

CGC’s market capital is $6.969 billion. It is considered as the first unicorn of Canada’s pot market. The company’s stock is down at around 33%.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

The market capital of this company revolves around $5.071 billion. ACD entered the Canadian marijuana stocks in 2016 and the New York Stock Exchange in 2018. Its stock is down at 30.7%.

Aphria Inc.

$1.807 billion is the market capital of Aphria Inc. They self-declared that they are one of the lowest cost producers of cannabis within the industry. Their stocks drop around 16.8%.

The Cronos Group (CRON)

CRON’s market capital is $2.844 billion and drop its stocks around 29.4%.

The Hexo Corporation (HEXO)

The market capital of the company is $656.233 million and has stocks drop of about greater than 34%.

CannTrust Holdings Inc.

It has a capital of $195.117 million and drop its stocks by 86%.

Namaste Technologies Inc.

Namaste’s market capital is $97.082 million with a decline of 57.9% on its stocks.

Organigram Holdings (OGI)

The market capital of OGI is $549.118 million and the decline share price is around 54.8%.