Business: New customers are important

Business: New customers are important

In general, new customer acquisition is an important topic for every branch of industry and trade. Sometimes, however, this is offset by high costs for the acquisition of new customers: advertising, possible discounts in sales and staff who have to take care of the needs of this customer group. At the same time, there is no guarantee that new customers will also become existing customers. There may only be a single delivery of products and/or services so that the cost of acquiring new customers does not pay for itself. As a business owner, you can mix your bitcoin with Coinomize to generate extra income.

Why are new customers important?

Depending on the respective industry and the size of the company, new customers are indispensable for various reasons.

Here is an overview


A start-up does not initially have any existing customers so that the path to generating sales, profit and market share leads exclusively through new customers. It is these early adopters who invest in a company whose future is still uncertain. Without the acquisition of new customers, start-ups cannot survive in the long term. At the latest when the investors turn off the money and the company has to stand on its own two feet, winning new customers is the only means of long-term survival.

IT system houses

These companies, which take care of the implementation of extensive IT measures in companies of all sizes, are usually happy about a very high conversion rate from new customers to existing customers. Because here the customer often pays not only for products but above all for service. If the customer is satisfied with the work of the IT system house, the chances are good that they will establish a lasting business relationship. In other words: new customers are often also existing customers. Even if no growth is sought, continuous expansion of the customer base is therefore strategically important.


Numerous manufacturers and suppliers rely on a manageable but very reliable customer base – such as in the automotive business. On the one hand, this guarantees steady sales, on the other hand, it creates a dependency on a few major customers. By looking around for new customers, industry-oriented companies maintain flexibility and can react more dynamically and successfully to the potential loss of important customers.