2014 03 24 Chinas Fuling Block Performing Better Than Expected

The Mediacurrent marketing team uses inbound marketing to build trust, foster relationships, and drive credibility within the open-source software community. But in order to achieve its long-term goals, Mediacurrent needed to produce and present the right educational resources to the appropriate audiences at exactly the right time. After defining its buyer personas and auditing its content, Mediacurrent started using lead scoring and grading to help the company focus on its most promising leads.


Attributes such as title, industry, and revenue contributed to a lead’s grade, while a scoring system was put in place to track and score leads with the greatest interest. Having a defined process in place to qualify leads helped to align Mediacurrent’s sales and marketing teams, leading to more unique opportunities for collaboration. Leads that received a grade of A and/or a score of 100 were automatically turned over to sales for follow-up, whereas leads who didn’t quite meet the 100-point threshold were placed on lead-nurturing tracks.


Prospect behavior was then tracked using the company’s marketing automation lead-tracking functionalities, which catalogued the pages that prospects were visiting and gave a clearer indication of their interests, the stage in the sales cycle, and the effectiveness of Mediacurrent’s content. This helped Mediacurrent’s sales team target their conversations accordingly.