2015 02 04 Is Europe Even Further From A Shale Revolution

Regardless of the source of the investor contact, I want to reemphasize the importance of obtaining a referral from a credible source to raise receptivity to your story. Using your spreadsheet, periodically group all potential investors from outside your network for whom you do not have a warm referral sources. Send it around to all those within your network to see if you can find a common connection.


Become a member of LinkedIn and identify any common connection that exists between you or management team members, and potential investors as well. However, verify that a common contact indeed knows the person you are trying to connect with. It can be embarrassing to refer to a common contact from LinkedIn who is not known to the other party. Cold calls and e-mails should only be used to fill dead time. But recognize that usually they just create a false sense of progress. If your story does not click with warm referrals, you will have little hope of success with cold calls. Before you invest too much time chasing investors, be sure that the types of investors you are seeking have a profile of making investments in firms such as yours. A


s an example, if you’re seeking to raise less than $1 million for your business, spend time focusing on friends and family, angels, smaller investment firms, lenders, or crowdfunding.