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During the on-boarding stage, a customer who qualifies is passed through the on-boarding process. This includes all new customers, or any who have moved into a different tier by either lack of or increased investment. The purpose of the on-boarding phase is to introduce the customer to his or her account manager and to help the customer learn how to use available options and set preferences for the journey moving forward. After the onboarding process, Legal & General began the upsell and cross-sell programs.


Engagement This stage of the life cycle is designed to educate the users on their currently invested funds. Using dynamic content to target each individual with the most up-to-date and relevant content, customers are guaranteed to read only the information that will be of the utmost interest and importance to them.


Lead scoring begins to play a very important role during this stage, with individualsā€™ actions and interests being logged in order to make every stage of the life cycle as personal to them as possible. This way, the journey develops into their own personal one rather than following a generic one-size-fits-all approach. One of the key requirements for Legal & General was a strong focus on cross-selling and upselling. Each element of the framework is built with this stage of the life cycle in mind.