Is It Worth Opening A Gas Station?

Is It Worth Opening A Gas Station?

If you plan to become self-employed with a completely new gas station, you often have more hurdles in front of you than is already the case with this market situation.

On the one hand, you have to find a plot of land on which you can run a business. In particular, you need to build a gas station with pumps and large gas tanks. On the other hand, you have to make very large investments to build the complete system. If you are not afraid of either of these, you can bravely start and set up a completely new gas station.

The simpler variant is a corporate succession

One advantage is that you will already find the basic infrastructure here. Then, you “only” have to carry out modernization measures. Rebuild the system according to your ideas. If you decide on a company succession, you will benefit from well-established processes, trained employees and a solid customer base.