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Start out with a general score for all search terms and move to a more meaningful scoring model over time. Your general scores tell you which search terms are predictors of sales readiness and which ones are not. For example, you might start out thinking that people searching the term “pricing” are at the end of the buying cycle, only to find through your general scores that they are at the beginning of that cycle.


In that case, lowering the score for the pricing term makes sense. When asking your clients about their buyer’s journey, make sure that you understand how their search terms change over the course of their journey. A recent survey conducted by ExactTarget, an email service provider, shows that people change their search terms two to three times during their buyer’s journey. This means that you will likely need to score many different search terms.


The URL you should use for scoring is the URL your marketing automation tool gives you, as shown in Figure 12-7. Most tools also let you attach a piece of content to a campaign and a score for future automation. When you copy your social URL and paste it into your messaging application, it will be sent and tracked by your system.