2014 09 08 Penneast Pipeline Successfully Closes Binding Open Season For Proposed Pipeline

Social media changed the way we engage with everything. If you’re mad because your cable box is broken, you can tweet and get your cable box fixed faster. When the tsunami hit in 2011, it was first reported on Twitter by citizens of the towns using their cell phones. This was amazing because real-time news was being provided by citizens.


Typical news channels usually have a lag between an event like this and the report. Social media is now a huge part of our communications, which means that it’s a huge part of how people engage — and how they engage with you, too. Failing to account for social media in your marketing automation mix leads to failure to correctly score your leads, and you’ll fail to use a great medium to generate more leads. Remember, it’s all about the URL. The URL is what a person clicks to access your content, and any marketing automation can track link clicks to allow for scoring, nurturing, and other automations. The buyer’s journey isn’t just for email. Consider having special tweets sent out and tailored to specific stages in the buyer’s journey.


Social media is one of your best places to distribute content. It also makes sharing your content very easy for your consumers.