2015 07 08 Third Energy Amends Fracking Application

Next, you’ll want to emphasize the strength of your team and key individuals; Avoid a verbatim reading of the text on the slide and instead provide a verbal summary. For example: “Our engineering team consists of the most capable scientists and developers in this area, with prior experience in building similar successful solutions. Two of them worked for [Company X], which had an IPO last year that made its founders millionaires.” Unique domain expertise can also be important:


“Our executive team has over 100 years of collective experience in developing CMOS-based technology solutions for networking chips.” Unique business relationships can be equally important. You might say, for example: “We are unique in having a relationship as a supplier to [Fortune 500 company] that will give us a significant edge in penetrating [our target market].” Next, don’t forget to provide any critical new advantages that you have over your competitors, especially those that have been validated by customers. For instance: “Our SEO partner has succeeded in getting us at the top of more than 50% of Google searches with key words that customers use to seek similar solutions. None of our competitors can claim this advantage.” Or: “We are the first to discover how to utilize stem cells from pig embryos to create new organs that will not be rejected.” Finally, as you can imagine, intellectual property (patents and “secret sauce”) can be powerful motivators for investors. If you can do something that no one else can—for the next 20 years—you might have license to print money. Tout that fact: We have three patents filed, with two more pending, and we have a solid technology road map that extends out three years.


These patents will give us performance advantages that no one will be able to match for several years.